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​© Tune By: Yossi Green, Lyrics By: Mrs. Dina Storch

Look around and hear the noise, the little girls and boys

Their mothers rushing down the busy streets

Hear the baker yell “I’m through”, and take your challos two

And don’t forget your box of special treats

Watch the bochrim running on, their payos dangling down

One finger on the hat, it shouldn’t slip

Businessmen jump off the train, a week has passed again

They race ahead another step to skip

Freshly showered babies on the porches play

Everyone is ready, ready for that day

zay in the streets and zay in our home

zay in our hearts and on the siren blown

Let’s prepare, today is zay axr

Let’s greet zay, zay rbiliid

Let’s be ready, ready for the zay

All the action stops and we transform

Look around and see once more, what all the action’s for

Who is this guest that we’re preparing so

Children learn it in their schools, we darshen in the shuls

The life we live is for one single goal

zay steps into our lives, and so our soul survives

Another week to pass this message on

Toss the thought a little more, what are we waiting for?

That special day, the l`eb will arrive

Let us freshen up and cleanse our inner souls

Let us make it happen, our final goal

zay in the streets, zay in our home

zay in our hearts and in the Shofar blown

Let’s prepare, today is zay axr

Let’s greet Shabbos, zay rbiliid

Let’s be ready, “zay eleky meil”

One more action- everyone- HE”LL COME!



​© Lyrics By Dina Storch

If I could show them this beauty

If only I were able

I’d run in the streets and call them

To join my Shabbos table


וואלט איך געהאט כח

וואלט איך געלאפן אין די גאסן

וואלט איך געשריען שבת

שבת, שבת קדש


שבת היום לה'



​© Tune By: Yossi Green, Lyrics By: Mrs. Dina Storch

The world lies silent

Mother lights the candles and she cries

And smiles, and wipes the teardrops from her eyes

Shabbos comes to every Jewish home


I feel a sudden warmth, a sudden change of air

As Father stands with two Malochim near

If I could only keep the Kedushah there

And bring the world to see


I’d have them stand around and watch me say “Amen”

And after me, they all would do the same

I know they would, there’s no need to explain

How grateful they would be


If only I could tell them

If only they would know

Just what it is that makes the Shabbos so holy


If I could only show them

The beauty of this day

They’d keep it too, and we’d send this Golus away


Children singing

Describing all the splendor of this world in its creation

The sudden day, the sudden night

The sun and moon that made the world so bright


There was a sudden warmth, a sudden change of air

As flowers and grass dressed up the atmosphere

If I could only keep the Kedushah there

And bring the world to see


All the birds and the fish, the animals big and small

Blossoming trees, and water to feed them all

A man was formed to heed his Master’s call

The world was completed


The sun began to lower

The world was done

A Shabbos day of rest for everyone







​© Written in Yiddish by: R’ Yom Tov Erlich

Translated by: Mrs. Dina Storch

Hear this story my dear Yidden,

In Gemara it is written,

And of course this tale has made great fame.

Once there was a Jewish man,

Who had a wife and seven children,

Yosef Moker Shabbos was his name.

Right by the sea, he lived in poverty.

His home, a tiny little shack,

The only shirt he wore was on his back.


All week long this man was harried,

Heavy loads he often carried.

Yosef worked but never spent his money.

Eating only bread and water,

He, his wife, his sons and daughters,

Saving every groshen every penny.

His children and wife were happily content with life.

His house empty it is true,

But everybody knew.


That Thursday before dawn,

His wife he would forewarn,

“Quickly Balabusta, my dear,

Shabbos is drawing near!

Here are all my earnings of this week.

Buy everything that you need.


MEAT and WINE you’ll buy,

No price is too high.

Fruits of many kinds,

So everyone, his favorite finds.

So his wife, quickly went

Returning home with packages, her money spent

She was up all night

Not even for a moment did her eyes shut tight

She cooked and she baked

A very tasty torte and a honey cake

And she baked and she cooked

How Erev Shabbosdik it looked


When Friday night arrived

Reb Yosef sat with orchim at his side

The hut was beautiful and bright

A real Gan Eden delight

And sitting on his throne like a king

Reb Yosef would sit and sing

In a voice sweet and fine

He repeated one more time

Aishes Chayil Mi Yimtzah

There’s nothing like the Shabbos Hamalka!


Further up and not too distant

Right across from Yosef’s dwelling

An imposing palace grimly stood

Surrounded by a giant garden

And a wall of steel and iron

Every door a different grain of wood

A sire lived in there

The biggest millionaire

A scoundrel, everybody knew

Who hated every Jew


He was surely over eighty

Hardly talked about his lady

Claiming she had left him long ago

His children, too, had long since vanished

And from then on they were banished

Wealth, the only friend that he did know

A miser was he, did not give charity

He lived quite alone – lonely as a stone


Time did pass, the sire took ill fast

And to analyze it all, a specialist was called

One who was acquainted with the stars

And could see a person’s future from afar

The astrologer thought a while

Announcing with a saddened smile

“the riches that belong to you

will be inherited by a Jew.

Who honors the Shabbos day,

To him it will be given all away”


The goy turned white

He was quite disturbed that very night

He called on the spot

A buyer who would buy his entire lot

With the money that he owned

He bought himself a special jewel – a diamond stone

In the inside of his hat

He sewed his diamond in and that was that!


And so the goy went up and down

Never stepping into town

Away from people he was always creeping

No matter where he stood or sat

He wore that diamond in his hat

And even in the night when he was sleeping

Once he wandered far

To an unfamiliar shore

A bridge before his eyes, caught him by surprise


As he walked upon the bridge

A wind began to blow a bit

And soon before he knew it, it was raining

Lightning crackled, thunder crashed

The wind blew off his diamond hat

And into the air, it suddenly went sailing

It landed in the sea, and most unfortunately

The sire in distress, jumped into the waters emptiness


Along came a fish, and with a great big swish

Swallowed up this most expensive hat

Swam away, full and fat

Fisherman stood ready, they were set

And it landed in their net


It was Friday afternoon

The fish was delivered soon

The sellers started searching all around

But a customer could not be found


Says Reb Yosef in great length

My wife has finished cooking, she has no more strength

Says his Rebbetzin, “Don’t say no-

There’s one more empty pot, I’ll need an hour or so”

As she opened up her eyes

Tears began to slowly trickle down from her eyes


Reb Yosef hears his Rebetzin and soon appears


Now they’re both excited – everybody hears


This story is quite a tale

But every Jew can understand its message well

When in Shabbos you invest

The returns you get with interest!

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