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© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



Navy velvet is the night
Darkness all around me grows
Help me – somebody shed light
A lantern or a lamp that glows

Where, oh, do I turn – oh, yes, I yearn to turn my head
To see the world as all the world can see me!

Twinkle….Tiny spots – yet bright
Soon the darkest heaven glows
Reach out – catch a falling star
Feel the warmth that grows and grows

Yes – from near and far I greet each star as it greets me
Beckons to me – a shining star – in the darkest night

There’s a star in the distance and it’s shining bright
There’s a star even in the darkest night of nights
I will cherish that star no matter how far
Its twinkle is encouraging – so find your special star

Remember that k’lal yisroel sparkles deep within
True, at times we may fall
There is no hope at all
Until we spot one tiny star
It helps me set my vision – oh, so far
It tells me who I am
It tells you – oh, it tells you who you are!!!!

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