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© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



A beautiful valley
Laid peaceful, untouched
The night as calm as the day
As if stuck by magic, the air stood still
And no one but nobody ever took ill
This secret is one I will share
It was the waters the people drank there

The valley was blessed with a beautiful stream
From one end to another it flowed
Its waters were golden; its waters were pure
They healed every sickness; they brought every cure
Just one little sip from this stream
Brought more than the happiest dream

Oh give me this water
Oh give me a taste
A remedy so precious
Too noble to waste
I’ll fill my flask and seal it
I’ll drink every drop
And when I’m through I’ll refill
I never will stop

The King had a mission
And sent off his men
To live among the people of the world
To settle with them; to teach to live
Be an example show them how to give
So they left with their children and wives
And the water would change other’s lives

Wherever they settled
Wherever they went
They were better and smarter by far
They drank up the waters
They kept it their own
As the Keepers of the Water they soon became known
But the hatred and envy set in
From a world that just couldn’t give in


Forbidding the water
They took it away
And the greatest of men put to shame
And slowly these waters were memories of past
And the Keepers of the Water had mingled at last
And misery took over again
They were truly the greatest of men

Somewhere in hiding
Where no one can see
A bottle of water is kept
They share not their secret
They don’t tell a soul
For their lives are too precious
And so is their goal
And their secret lives on still today
No they won’t give their treasure away

Oh give me some water …

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