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"She is the 'go to' person for schools that wish to turn their lesson into a song"

Mrs. Storch began her songwriting career in 1973 as a Freshie in High School - composing music and lyrics for school and camp.  As Jewish novels were published, Dina became the songwriter for these now popular plays - Dovid Meyer, Bamboo Cradle, Shefford, as well as her own original scripts.



In 1995, Mrs. Storch initiated a program of recorded tefillos in proper pronunciation and, of course, in song. The program Shirei Tefilos Yisrael is used in many schools across the U.S.  She has compiled songs for almost every educational topic, such as tehillim, beiur tefila, Halacha and yedios klaliyos.  She is the ‘go to’ person for schools that wish to turn their ‘lesson’ into ‘song’. Tunes vary from existing ones to original compositions.In her music classes, Dina brings Shabbos alive in the classrooms with her program Mizmor Shir Leyom Hashabbos.  The excitement the students bring home from music class, transfers into a love for davening and singing on Shabbos, as well.  Many tefillos have added English translations so the children connect better with them.


Mrs. Storch has produced her own album,  There’s A Place In My Mind sung by Avrumie Flam, Yehuda and Dov Levine.  Some of the MBD favorites were also composed by her - Someday, Bird of Hope, Daddy Dear, Crack of Dawn, Candles.  Having composed close to 650 songs, she plans to embark on an educational contribution to the world, through song, as she prepares to share her compositions in albums, videos, picture books and school and camp projects.  She can be reached at for more information.

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