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© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



Gazing down from so way up high
Viewing oceans – cutting ‘cross the deep blue sky
Climbing clouds and mountains down below
Oh, Hashem, You DID create this world – I KNOW!

Spots of land amidst the deep blue sea
Great big ships – as tiny as bumblebees
From here on top, it simply is easy to tell
Oh, Hashem, it MUST be YOU – it’s done so well!

Sandy beaches – snowy mountaintops
Giant trees – as short as green lollipops
The sky is huge – and so is this airplane
The splendid scene just glorifies Your Name

Every texture – every shade of blue
Ribono Shel Olam – how can one even doubt that it’s You?
You gave me my life! You gave me this world and all…
How king and great You’ve been to me and I…so…small….

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