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​© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



We appreciate the good that comes our way
And the people that are kind to us in many different ways
To show them that we noticed all the chesed that they’ve done
We pay them back with kindness – one for one
Hakoras Hatov – we recognize the good
Hakoras Hatov – thanking whom we should
Hakoras Hatov – a debt that we must pay
If someone sends a chesed our way
Hakoras Hatov – - we want to let them know
Hakoras Hatov – the kindness they did show
Hakoras Hatov – we pay them back, we do
It is our way of saying “THANK YOU!!!!
So notice when a favor comes your way
If your classmate helps you study
Make sure “thank you” to say
When your laundry’s neat and folded
You can let your mother know
That you’re oh so very happy
With your freshly cleaned clothes
When your Bubby bakes a birthday cake for you
Or your sister clears the table
So your homework you can do
When the house is warm and cozy
When each day comes to an end
Remember all the kindness sent
By family and friends

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