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© Lyrics by Dina Storch adapted from “The Dollar Bill” by Moshe Yess



One day a tiny germ was floating through the air
It flew into a synagogue while people gathered there
It landed on a person and it tried to go to sleep
But from the Aron Kodesh, a voice began to speak…..

“Who is in my synagogue?” The tiny germ said “I -
I start off very little, but I quickly multiply
That’s why people run from me - now tell me, who are you?”
“My name is the Torah - everything I say is true”…..

The germ began to tickle and the man began to sneeze
He landed near the bimah on another person’s sleeve
When services were over and the worshippers shook hands
A hundred germs danced joyously - sprouting through the land….

The people started running home - frightened by the spread
They didn’t dare to go outside and prayed alone instead
The Rabbis sent encouragement to keep them safe and sane
But the people missed their Torah - their hearts were filled with pain…..

The Torah, too, was saddened, that her people were so far
She also knew that human life she valued even more
And so, she waited sadly for the germ to disappear
When suddenly the germ spoke up - to question her he dared….

“Tell me, tell me, Torah - why do you seem so sad
You live in this nice synagogue - I think you should be glad”
“Ever since you’ve landed,” the Torah did reply
My people aren’t coming here, and I know exactly why”….

“Every life is precious, for each other they all care
And so my people stay at home because you linger here
Until you’re gone they’ll heed my words, and no one will come by
For I’ve taught them how to value ‘life’, “ a tear dropped from her eye….

The tiny germ was laughing as it flew into the air
But all the streets were empty and he found nobody there
He withered as he fell apart - not having where to land
We hope his friends will also fall and wither in the sand….

And somewhere in a synagogue - each Torah beams with pride
Her people are obedient - so close, though far and wide
Alone she rests, alone she waits to hear the creaking door
And if you look real close - you can see- her teardrops on the floor!

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