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© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



Why is it I feel a pain
When someone else is sighing
Now and then my cheek gets wet
When someone else is crying
There’s a piercing pang of hunger
When I’m thinking of the poor
And I shiver on a snowy day
For the one that’s stuck outdoors

Kol Yisrael…Kol Yisrael
Kol Yisrael areivim zeh lozeh (zeh lozeh)
Kol Yisrael…Kol Yisrael
Kol Yisrael areivim - areivim zeh lozeh (zeh lozeh)

I’m a yid that shares
A friend that cares
Taught to feel for others
It’s engrained in me
Distances don’t matter
And when I’m in need
There’ll be friends indeed
Who will show consideration

We are one in joy and suffering
That’s the beauty of our nation


Why is it that someone else’s good news makes me smile?
And for a simcha most of us would walk about a mile
There’s a feeling of sensation and of joyous ecstasy
When the winner is a friend of mine
Even though it wasn’t me

Kol Yisrael…Kol Yisrael…

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