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​© Music and lyrics by: Mrs. Dina Storch


Foreign Lands

They say there’ll come the day
Very soon when the moon
We be large as the sun in the sky

Wipe your tears, shed your fears
Know, my darling, that Hashem cares
He always watches while we sleep, both you and I

All the dreams, my child, that you dream tonight
Will come true, you can be sure
Close your eyes, and dream of tomorrow
For tomorrow there’ll be more

You’ll have teddies, you’ll have dollies
There’ll be pretzels and bialys
Filled with cherries and with berries, big and small

There’ll be candies for you to lick
Rosy apples on a stick
We’ll have stuffed goose, hot and sweet, enough for all

For we’ll fill every cupboard
And we’ll fill our little cakes with cream
We will have and we will give others
Hush, my baby – sleep and dream

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