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© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



My sukkahlah was small, not fancy at all
But it was special and dear to me
Some schach I threw over it, hoping to cover it
And there I’d sit and think

The wind was a cold one, the boards, they were old ones
The candles were flickering low
At times as if dying, but suddenly rising
As if they did not want to go

My sweet little daughter was bringing me water
Saw the wind and started to call
‘Father,’ she cried, “don’t stay there inside
The wind is too strong, the sukkahlah will fall’’

‘‘Fear not, my child – it’s been quite a while
This sukkahlah is still standing strong
The wind has been worse, my dear, but it’s only 2,000years
This sukkahlah can last very long

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