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© Composed by R’ Yom Tov Ehrlich, translated to English by Mrs. Dina Storch



On that very special day, in a quiet corner
Or maybe in a busy market place
People might be buying, selling or just trying,
Business is as usual-commonplace

And from somewhere far away, no one knows just where and when
Things will happen, all will suddenly change
A man dressed plain and simple, on a donkey white and little
Will suddenly come riding down the lane

And in his hands he will be holding
The famous shofar, huge and olden
Hidden yet from Maaseh Breishis for that perfect time
And it will echo through the night
And suddenly there will be light
Its voice will carry past the oceans, everyone will hear

Some will dial the information
Weather bureaus, TV stations
911 and all the hotlines – busy everywhere
Even experts won’t be able
To pick up info on their cables
Suddenly it will be happening – people will believe…

With all our prayers and all our tears we finally broke through
urmeh vbrc vgnsc ohgruzv

And as the voice starts speaking – everybody’s listening
Lashon Hakodesh all will understand
Eliyahu will instruct them – Jewish husbands, wives and children
To run to shul with nothing in their hands

Their eyes all wet from crying, broken hearts from sighing
Now’s the final chance to break with our past
Oaths that won’t be broken, truthful words unspoke
Kabbolos that we know this time will last

And all the shuls will pick up high
Like birds they’re soaring through the sky
Over bridges, over mountains, heading towards the East
The clouds as small as puffs of cotton
Children pointing towards the bottom
Wondering just how the wind blows, causing clouds to meet

And all the nations big and small
From down below will watch it all
Embarrassed faces, trembling hearts as they are left behind
The Germans will say, “We’ve been foolish”
To rule the world you must be Jewish
ykguu gmbtd hs ;uht irhdgr yhhd tsuh rgs - khhv

And from below the Russians wonder
Curling moustaches as they ponder
“Look Ivan, how scientific – we thought our nuclear power was terrific
But those Jews, those Yankels they make the houses fly”

And the Arabs our brothers, with great remorse will tell each other
“We should have kept the good relations, we’re strangers now to them.”
With all our prayers and all our tears we finally broke through
urmeh vbrc vgnsc ohgruzv

A world of our own it will be – could you imagine
It’s hard, but try to imagine
In the darkness all the stars will join from near and far
And together, their light will brighten up the night
And Moshiach will be riding, the Malochim will be gliding
At his sides and Tzaddikim from Gan Eden behind – He will come!

Bad times will no longer be – could you imagine
It’s hard, but try to imagine
We’ll rejoice with our King, in our minds only one thing
That together we’ll serve Hashem, live with Torah, for it’s true
To Har Tzion we will go and the Shechina we will know
Yerushalayim shel maaloh will be our home, I know.........He will come!

Everybody holding hands, Jews from all throughout the land
Big and little faces filled with joy
A land of milk and honey, no need to count your money
The sweetest fruits for every girl and boy

People will live longer, men will be much stronger
Women will bear children without pain
Wine will fill the rivers, takers will be givers
And Torah, our guide, will lead the way

And joining us will be the mizn
The holiest of generations
Rising up to be our leaders, reaping great reward
Little children holding hands
With all their Zaidies they will dance
As every mother, every father watches them with joy

Eretz Yisroel will spread all over
A Taam Gan Eden sweet as clover
Will capture every Jewish soul, will captivate our hearts
Children won’t be scared by lions
Tragic scenes won’t keep us crying
The Yetzer Horoh will be lying crushed beneath our feet
With all our prayers and all our tears we finally broke through
urmeh vbrc vgnsc ohgruzv

This Medrash is not just a tale – could you imagine
It’s hard, but try to imagine
Our Creator, oh how great….Our Torah, oh how sweet
Our nation, so beautiful.....Our people so strong
Let’s be holy… let’s be clean to greet this beautiful scene
He is ready to greet us all, he is waiting for our call
Mashiach will come!

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