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© Music and Lyrics by Mrs. Dina Storch



In the pasture, in the green fields
With the sheep under his care
Sits Akiva, the handsome shepherd
And a tfila whispers there

Tattered clothing, few posessions
Not a Hebrew word he knows
From the distance comes the daughter
Of his very wealthy boss

And the daughter is impressed
Yes, to her, this shepherd is best
But her father won’t consider
Tried to stop her foolishness

Yet Hashem, His blessing sends
And they marry without consent
No supporter to his daughter
Father gives not even a cent

It is winter - it is snowing
And they sleep on beds of straw
Wile her father’s warm in his villa
Gold and silver grace his walls

Their first child - what a Bracha
But the bitter wind still blows
And Akive needs parnassa
Off to work he sadly goes

Says his wife, “Akive, no!
This is not a life for you - go!
I will stay here with the children
To Yeshiva you must go”

A stone lies near a well - the water drip, drip, drips upon it
Akiva notes each day that soon a hole is broken through it
If water soft can pierce right through the hardest rock or stone
I’ll take this lesson home with me to be my very own

My heart is soft, of flesh and blood - my rachel’s right - I can!
The torah can seep into me and make me understand
It’s not too late, it never is, to make the torah mine
I’ll start with simple alef Bais - yes - one step at a time

And Akiva traveled far
Learning torah from the start
First the osyos, soon the parshios
He became the gadol hador

12 long years Akiva learned
Soon the title ‘Rebbi’ he earned
Teaching torah to his talmidim
Now he felt a need to return

He sets out on the journey home, arriving at his door
He peeks and sees his family - how awful, oh - how poor!
A neighbor chides his wife so frail “this is no way to live
Your husband left for 12 long years - is that the way to give?”

He stands in shock and hears his wife “i’m glad that he is learning
If he’d come back this very day - I’d hope he’ll be returning”
Akiva turned and set right back towards his yeshiva doors
And 12 more years he taught talmidim - thousands - 24!

Now it’s time - he’s returning
His talmidim at his side
The tanaaim and iluyim
Walking near him - filled with pride

And behind him - alongside him
A woman quietly walks
And she eyes him as they lead him
Words of wisdom he does talk

Thin and frail, with shaking hands
Edging closer, seeking her chance
Her desire - to inquire
Where he husband maybe stands

She throws herself before the Rav beholding his sweet smile
She trembles uncontrollably - they think she has gone wild
A ‘shammosh’ tries to block her and to send her away
The tana calms the nervous crowd and loudly he proclaims

We all can thank this woman for the torah that is ours
Sheli veshelochem sheoh Imagine her great ‘schar’
She sacrificed on our behalf for 24 long years
I thank you, Father, up above for a wife so very dear

Kalba Savua heard a tana had arrived in town
He sadly told the rebbi how his daughter let him down
The rosh yeshiva took his hand and whispered, “It is I”
Your daughter is much smarter - she’s got more than meets the eye”

The two embraced and reconciled - they heaved a happy sigh
Now Rachel’s father was appeased - he wiped his teary eye
Akiva turned before the crowd and to his wife he told
My greatest wish to give to you - Yerushalayim in gold”
He placed a crown of gold upon her head - “please take this gift from me
Yerushalayim shel Zahav engraved for all to see
“We all can thank you, Rachel, for the torah that is ours
Yes, your Mesiras nefesh has surpassed us all by far

Sheli veshelochem sheloh - his wife had helped him grow
And no more did they mock her - how the neighbors praised her so
Sheli veshelochem sheloh - we’ve heard this - me and you
And could it be that we can be like her - a princess true!?!

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